North Bay, Ontario – September 26 and 27 2018

State of the North is an annual conference that brings together decision makers, community leaders, experts and innovators to explore the state of Northern Ontario from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. Each year, Northern Policy Institute will provide an annual update on the State of the North by offering updates on a set of environmental, social and economic indicators that we will define and select in partnership with our communities.  It’s time to take what we have learned and step forward into solution based discussions.

Topic 1 – State of the North

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Charles Cirtwill, President & CEO, Northern Policy Institute

Topic 2 – How can taxation support growth?

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Kevin Milligan, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Fred O’Riordan, Ernst & Young LLP (no presentation available)

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Toby Sanger, Senior Economist, CUPE

#TaxTalk: Canadian taxes, what needs to change and why?

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Dr. Jack Mintz, President’s Fellow, The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary

Topic 3 – Taxation by Indigenous communities

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Manny Jules, First Nations Tax Commission

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Kate McCue, Fiscal Realities Economists/Georgina First Nation

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Dwayne Nashkawa, CEO of Nipissing First Nation (presentation coming soon)

#TaxTalk: Global evidence of the value of pilots and policy experimentation

blue-6167-illustration-of-right-facing-b  Mikko Annala, Head of Governance Innovation, Demos Helsinki

State of the North 2017 – Timmins, Ontario