About NPI

Northern Policy Institute is Northern Ontario’s independent think tank. We perform research, collect and disseminate evidence, and identify policy opportunities to support the growth of sustainable Northern Ontario communities. Learn more here. 

About The Conference

State of the North is an annual conference that brings together decision makers, community leaders, experts and innovators to explore the state of Northern Ontario from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. It’s time to take what we have learned and step forward into solution based discussions.

NPI’s upcoming State of the North Conference is taking place September 26-27 in North Bay, Ontario at the Best Western Conference Center. This year’s theme is “Bold Approaches: Taxing for Growth”.

This two-day conference will explore how other regions use tax policies to drive growth, and how these policies might apply to Northern Ontario to grow our communities and reduce inequalities. Attendees will hear bold ideas from economic experts, sit in on panel discussions, and share their own ideas with other influential leaders from across the province.

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